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Automatic Liquid Distribution System

Automatic Liquid Distribution System

Ⅰ.Product Overview

   In order to meet the new "GMP" standard, pharmaceutical industry, production automation, has been more widely used, especially pharmaceutical dosing automation and control becomes more and more urgent;-based pharmaceutical industry, production automation trend, the company developed the automated dosing control system not only do automated dosing, and the whole system to do online CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization online, but do microporous membrane filter integrity test online.

Ⅱ.Product Parameters

In Case 300L with thick, dilute with the corresponding tank volume 800L.
1. Concentrated with tank configurations: with magnetic stirring, reducer Germany "SEW", motor power 0.75KW; tank bottom pneumatic diaphragm valve; electric heating respirator; digital thermometer; Level Meter; sampling valve; integrated lamp mirrors, diaphragm pressure gauge, safety valve with bursting disc; angle seat valve, pneumatic valve; flowmeter.
2. Dilute with tank configurations: with cans dilute liquid preparation is the key to the tank, with a direct impact on the quality of the liquid, so the higher allocation requirements, dilute with cans to be equipped with weighing system, METTLER - TOLEDO weigh modules containing said weight display.
3. The entire dosing dosing system, CIP cleaning, SIP sterilization, automatically controlled by PLC program.
4. Dosing bottom tank installed a conductivity meter to conductivity to determine the extent of the tank and pipe cleaning.
5. The dosing system online SIP sterilization, saturated steam temperature of 121 ℃, sterilization and continued at that temperature for 30 minutes.

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