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Electric heating sandwich pot

Electric heating sandwich pot

一、Use and characteristics

1. Use: This equipment is widely used in fruit (soft coarse hard coarse.), Fried rice cake, beverages, sweets, canned food processing, can also be used for a large restaurant or canteen soup, cook, stew, porridge like food processing to improve quality, reduce time, improve the working conditions of stay provided excellent

2. Features: The pot can 220v / 380v electricity or steam as the heat source. Electric heating sandwich Built-in electric heating rods, thermocouple and thermal oil, up to 150 ℃, controlled by the electronic control box. Equipment There are heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, the liquid material boiling time is short, the heating temperature is easy Control and other features. The pot pot body layer (the inner pot) using acid resistant stainless steel body's proud Made with pressure gauge and safety valve, electric control box. Equipment and beautiful, easy to install, easy to operate, Reliable insulation.

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