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Biological Fermentation Tank

Biological Fermentation Tank

Product Usage

Biological fermentation tank widely used in dairy, beverage, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, the tank has a mezzanine, insulation, heated, cooled and insulation.
For the anaerobic fermentation (such as production of alcohol, solvent) fermentation tank structure can be relatively simple. For aerobic fermentation (such as the production of antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc.) of the fermentation tank because of the need to continuously passed through a large number of sterile air, and the air was flown into consideration utilization, so the structure is in the fermentation tank complex, commonly used mechanical agitation fermentation tank , bubbling fermentation tanks and airlift fermentation tank.
Dairy products, alcoholic fermentation process is a sterile, non-polluting process, the fermentation tank using sterile system to avoid and prevent microbial contamination of the air, greatly extended the shelf life of products and pure products, particularly on the tank designed and installed aseptic or sterile positive pressure breathing pores fermentation system. The tank with a jacket, can pass into the heating or cooling medium to circulate heated or cooled. fermentation tank capacity by the 300-15000L variety of different specifications.

Product Features

1. Online CIP cleaning, SIP sterilization (121 ° C / 0.1MPa).
2. In accordance with the requirements of sanitary design, structural design and very user-friendly, easy to operate, smooth transmission, low noise.
3. Suitable diameter than the design, on-demand mixing devices, energy-saving, mixing, fermentation good effect.
4. The inner tank surface mirror-polished (roughness Ra≤0.4μm); each entry and exit ports, endoscopy, manhole openings and other processes within the body weld smooth and easy to clean no dead ends, to ensure the reliability of the production process stability, in line with "GMP" and other regulatory requirements.
5. Optional pH electrode and DO electrode, used to monitor the pH during the fermentation broth and DO change controller, used to display and control the fermentation conditions and the like.

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