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Sake Tank

Product Usage

This set of equipment used austenitic stainless steel cooling jacket clip apply honeycomb form, and set different proportions of the heat transfer area of the jacket according to the customer's process requirements; -Jiuguan currently used in more beer industry, wine industry a cleaning tanks are generally referred to as storage tanks. After the beer fermentation, and may need to yeast fermentation broth was filtered to remove turbidity, to make crystal clear wine after fermentation was filtered good called "sake", supplied the packaging sector bottling into finished products.

Product Parameters

1. specifications from 100L-30000L, can be customized according to customer needs.
2. made of stainless steel 304 or 316L material welded together.
3. The accuracy of the health standard, wall polished finish of less than 0.6 microns, external polished stainless steel (can be made primary mirror polishing effect)
4. Imported high-pressure polyurethane foam insulation, the use of a cooling jacket Maitreya plate, a variety of heat jacket arched passage ways, corrugated corridors.
5. automatic, semi-automatic control to ensure accurate and effective process parameters and experimental results.

6. The temperature control jacket around the tank by a refrigerant (usually alcohol - water) to achieve, generally divided into 2 or 3 section cooling section, depending on the tank size.

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